AmstarFX American Staffordshire Terriers


Beauty doesn’t exist on it’s own but is created by observers..!!!
As a breeder, I’ve always wanted better photos of my dogs and pups so instead of paying somebody else to capture those special little moments, I thought I would have a go at doing it myself.
I borrowed my first digital SLR camera from my Dad about 4 years ago to see if I liked the idea of photography and I must say, some of my best moments came from that camera... It got me hooked !!!
I started my mission to purchase my first camera and soon after that purchase came a brand new lens and then another ...
I thoroughly enjoy photography, appreciating a beautiful sunrise, a late afternoon storm, a black cockatoo in the gum tree or a green frog sitting on the water tank. Everyday is magical and brings new life to those who look for it. I just hope I’m in the right place at the right time to capture it on my camera.
I hope you enjoy my photos as much as I enjoy taking them